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Using SMS EASY you will discover all the possibilities you can imagine for an SMS program with an easy-to-use application interface in Arabic and English to suit all requirements from personal use to ministries, businesses and large businesses.

Application Features

Easy & practical application interface

The desktop application works in a Windows environment that gives you ease of transmission and access to all application functions without difficulty or complexity with the possibility to switch the application interface between both Arabic and English 

Intelligent & Easy to import contact data

You can build your customer database in a few seconds by importing data from any external software or importing from Excel files or mobile phone files CSV, Contact, VCF

Single/Bulk Messaging

With the click of a button, send thousands of messages to connect with your customers in just a few minutes and send up to 30 messages / s Choose one or more groups between your groups and with the click of a button your messages will reach your customers

Delivery Reports

Generate a detailed reports of the messages sent by the system. - As system admin on messages sent by users / sender names / direct messages / sent as deferred / individual / group etc ..


Multi-user Application with work within the internal network - The system administrator creates an infinite number of sub-users with the ability to drag and add the balance of messages to users and activate or de-activate accounts and report

Personalized SMS

Dynamic messages in which messages can be sent to a group of customers Each message contains data specific to each client and reads variables from Excel files, in five easy steps Experience sending personalized messages Great experience 

Secure End-to-End

The program stores data for communication to customers locally on the Computer/Server and this ensures the privacy and security of the database, and ensures the encrypted transmission of data from the transmitter to the transmitter portal High security in data transmission 

Scheduling SMS

You can check the programmed messages for a later sending time up to 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery time with the possibility of canceling the transmission or modify the pre-programmed delivery time. 

Save message templates

You can save messages in message templates, saving you time and effort in preparing and arranging message texts. 

From now on your computer will not leave
Send messages easily and avoid the complications and slow and many steps imposed by mobile devices to send mass messages, from now there is one way to text messages is collective is

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