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Mobile Marketing :
Some 40% of mobile phone users are in the 15-34 years age group, meaning that mobile really is the future of marketing. And this channel has quietly grown to become a powerful marketing tool with an impressive penetration, and the ability to target by demographic group, location and time.
Not only can mobile provide exceptional reach and targeting, it also offers one of the highest impact media. The message reaches the user wherever he or she may be in real time via a personal device that is carried around in the same way as a wallet or keys.

Mobile marketing is:

  • Personal and permission-based
  • Instant 75% of messages are read immediately
  • High impact 66% of consumers recall SMS campaigns
  • High performance 36% of consumers are likely to buy
  • Data gathering and refreshing supportive of dialogue with the consumer
  • Mobile marketing has also been identified as the ideal medium for CRM, customer loyalty and support programs and data refinement.

SMS Easy  helps clients to understand their campaign objectives and deliver performing campaigns. This covers services from provision of data to serving, receiving and analyzing incoming data and returning this in accessible formats.

Targeting your SMS Campaign

Who is your campaign aimed at?

Getting the right message to the right individual is the most important element of any text messaging campaign.

By segmenting your database of customers into small sub-sections and running a number of closely defined, highly targeted campaigns, your message is likely to generate a higher response. It's fairly obvious that the more relevant your message is to an individual, the more likely they are to respond.
Any data that you hold on your customers can be used to refine your targeting...






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