Now you can download SMS Easy software for free

   Kuwait SMS EASY 5.0.3   Zip   XP, VISTA, Win7
   Kuwait SMS Lite 3.0.4   Zip   XP, VISTA, Win7
   Kuwait SMS Business 1.0.2   Zip   XP, VISTA, Win7

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should save a backup from your contacts (Groups) before upgrade your older version or before formatting your PC, Please keep a copy from " _DB " folder located in your installation folder and replace the new one after the upgrade process is completed.


1- Import Mobile Contacts (*.CVS, *.Contact)       (Zip 67KB.)  Click  here
2Move to 8 (Kuwaiti Numbers Only)                       (Zip 67KB.)  Click  here
3- download dotnetfx plugin                          
(Zip 27.033 MB.)  Click  here
4- download WindowsInstaller 3.1 
                (Zip 2.471 MB. )  Click  here


 For further information please contact us.


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