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Scope of global mobile messaging system and bulk SMS services


The scope below demonstrate how SMS Easy mobile messaging is utilized in various industries to achieve business and communication efficiency and solve critical business problems.

Marketing and advertising agencies
SMS Easy is providing marketing companies with the ability to send a large number of bulk SMS messages to their clients in a short time to promote new products and services, the ability to send a large number of SMS messages to drive customers to their systems.

Travel Agencies
SMS Easy is enabling travel agencies to integrate SMS messaging into their reservation systems to notify clients with flight information and other critical alerts.

News distribution
SMS Easy has been integrated within content portals to send daily news dispatches or event-triggered/breaking news to mobile content subscribers.

SMS Easy is enabling banks to send instant SMS messages to clients informing them about banking transactions and changes to their accounts.

Stock markets
SMS Easy is being utilized by securities trading companies to send their clients instant SMS messages about their stock transactions.

Insurance companies

With SMS, insurance companies can remind policyholders about premium payment dates.

School and education
Parents can be notified about their child’s grades and performance as well as invite them to attend parents’ meetings. With increasing usage of mobile phones among college students, colleges and universities can use mobile messaging and sms messaging services to send students of exam results and inform them about university activities.

Marketing and advertising
Increase customer loyalty by informing your premium customers about special discounts, store events or availability of new goods.

Hospitals can send SMS messages to their patients to remind them about their appointments.
Patients receiving critical medications can be reminded to take them by SMS.


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