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The full range of mobile messaging services
Today's mobile workforce is increasingly relying on mobile messaging to get business done.    SMS communication, for example often surpasses email when it comes to people who work on the road.
Your customers also expect you to reach them wherever they happen to be with informational that makes their life easier.
- SMS Easy  helps you communicate with your customers, workforce and business partners more efficiently and cost effectively.
- SMS Easy platform can be easily integrated within your existing information and communication systems, making your company's information available whenever and wherever it is needed.
- SMS Easy ownership of its technology platform enables us to custom design solutions that fit your needs.

SMS (Short Messages Service)

SMS is a text message service that enables messages to be sent to cell phones. SMS's are stored and forwarded so the message will be sent later if the phone is not immediately available.

SMS Easy mobile messaging service supports the following SMS features
  • Bits SMS

    SMS Easy allows you to send 160 characters - plain sms text messages

  • Unicode (Arabic Characters)
    SMS Easy allows you to Unicode characters like Arabic, Chinese, etc.
  • Numeric / Alphanumeric Originator ID
    SMS Easy allows you to set the Originator ID up to 11 alphanumeric characters.
    SMS Easy allows you to set the originator of the message to that of your choice. It is possible to set originator of message individually.
  • Flash SMS
    SMS Easy allows you send FlashSMS: FlashSMS is an SMS that appears right on the face of the handset (with most handsets), and is not stored in the handset's "Inbox" with other SMS messages.



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