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SMS For Business use


Start new horizons in advertising your products
Send your message to all your customers in less than a minute
With SMS, businesses can open new marketing channels that accurately target customers and quickly execute ad campaigns, maximizing profits and providing better customer service

Registration Steps

Three Steps It has the best messaging software and full features for free
Just recharge your messages and communicate with your customers


Download The Desktop App.

Downloading the program will not take a minute, Download the program and finish the easy installation steps then start it  by clicking the program icon on your desktop


New User Registration

Click Register New User to open the registration screen, Enter the required registration data and upon completion of the process you will receive the activation message on the mobile phone that you entered in the registration data


Activation and Start up

Once logged in and within a few seconds
You will receive an activation message containing the activation data to complete the activation, Enter the default password sent in the activation message, Now you have the application Full Functioniong 

Send your ads to thousands of customers in a minute


Advertising SMS

Because time is very important, you must choose the quickest way to get your ads delivered directly to your customer,
Now you can launch promotions and product introductions and connect with customers.


Notification SMS

by sending Mobile Apps activation codes, and user confirmation OTP  reminders and alerts


links and URL SMS

You may need to include lots of data for your ad and it may cost you a lot of letters, but the solution is to include a link to a webpage, image, or video file that shows more about your advertised ads or events
Try inserting a link within the message and taking advantage of possibilities beyond plain text


Business Messaging

Enhancing channels of communication between you and customers increases the sustainability and sustainability of business growth and increases return on investment


Greeting SMS

Now you can send to thousands of customers in just a few minutes and send congratulations and blessings on holidays, sharing joy and happy events and conveying news of business development, which supports and strengthens your brand and strengthens it in the markets among competitors

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